6.1. Item Registration Numbers

6.2. Setting up Federations and Fleets

6.3. Movement

6.3.1. Movement Points

6.3.2. Consumption of Movement Points

6.3.3. Forced March

6.3.4. Attrition Through Movement Land Winter Sea Storms

6.3.5. Peaceful Movement over Foreign Territory

6.3.6. Movement From Map To Map

6.3.7. Movement Extras Processing Order 'Remaining Stationary'

6.4. Warfare

6.4.1. Warfare on Land Invasion of Enemy Territory Invading in Europe Invading Colonies Occupying Forces Stopping Items Capture of Baggage Trains Overrunning Enemy Armies Gibraltar Guerrillas Special Circumstances of Warfare

6.4.2. Warfare at Sea Shipyards in War Stopping Ships Piracy Overrunning Enemy Ships Coastal Defence Blockades Strait of Copenhagen

6.5. Loading of Goods

6.5.1. Loading Capacity

6.5.2. Weight of Goods

6.5.3. Position of Items During Loading

6.5.4. Loading of Foreign Goods

6.6. Trade

6.6.1. Buying Goods

6.6.2. Selling Goods

6.6.3. Goods Factor

6.6.4. Trade City Rates

6.6.5. Trading - How it works

6.6.6. Purchase of Goods by the Population

6.7. Boarding

6.7.1. Boarding of Items

6.7.2. Unloading of items

6.7.3. Transporting Brigades by Sea

6.8. Handing Over Ships or Territory

6.8.1. Starting a Colonial Position

6.9. Changing Names

6.10. Demolition of Items

6.10.1. Population

6.10.2. Demolishing Ships

6.10.3. Demolishing Battalions

6.10.4. Demolishing Barracks and Shipyards

6.10.5. Demolishing Production Sites

6.11. Error Identification