Additional Battalions, Set Up error codes11410.4.

Additional Orders, simulated battle listing767.2.5.2.

Advantages of Exchanging Battalions375.1.8.1.

Aftermath of Victory, simulated battle907.2.12.3.

Ageing of Ships304.4.

Alternative Orders, sim battle, conditions for797.2.5.5.

Alternative Orders, simulated battle737.

ARMY TABLES, key1049.

ARMY, summary335.1

Army Table for Austria-Hungary1059.1.

Army Table for Denmark1069.3.

Army Table for Duchy of Warsaw1099.16.

Army Table for France1069.5.

Army Table for Great Britain1069.6.

Army Table for Holland1069.7.

Army Table for Italy1079.8.

Army Table for Kingdom of Portugal1079.9.

Army Table for Morocco1079.10.

Army Table for Naples1089.11.

Army Table for Prussia1089.12.

Army Table for Russia1099.13.

Army Table for Spain1069.4.

Army Table for Sweden1099.14.

Army Table for Confederation of the Rhine1069.2.

Army Table for the Ottoman Empire1099.15.

Attrition, Movement over Land446.3.4.1.

Attrition at Sea446.3.4.2.

Attrition of Workers212.8.3.

Attrition, Movement446.3.4.

Attrition, Winter446.

Austerlitz 'Plans and Strategies', tips12311.3.

Austria-Hungary, army table1059.1.

Baggage Trains, Building, error codes11510.11.

Baggage Trains, capture496.

Baggage Trains, condition262.9.2.

Baggage Trains, explanation252.9.

Baggage Train, Loading Capacity546.5.1

Baggage Trains, loss262.9.4.

Baggage Trains, maintenance262.9.3.

Baggage Trains, repair of, error codes11510.9.

Baggage Trains, setting up252.9.1.

Barracks and Shipyards, command142.3.

Barracks, demolishing656.10.4.

Barracks, explanation152.3.1.

Battalion Experience Level355.1.7.

Battalion Groups, simulated battle727.2.3.3.

Battalion Types335.1.2.

Battalions, demolishing646.10.3.

Battalions, Exchange of, error codes11410.7.

Battalions, Exchanging365.1.8.

Battalions, Exchanging, Advantages of375.1.8.1.

Battalions, loss of385.1.11.

Battalions, Merging of, error codes11410.8.

Battalions, Merging375.1.9.

Battalions, Set Up Additional error codes11410.4.

Battalions, Set Up additional345.1.5.

Battle, increasing experience through365.1.7.2.

Battle, mathematical667.1.

Battlefield Division, simulated battle717.2.2.2.

Battlefield Terrain, simulated battle707.2.2.1.

Battlefield, simulated battle707.2.2.

Blockades, command and explanation526.4.2.4.

Blockades, error codes11610.16.

Boarding, command596.7.

Boarding, error codes11710.20.

Boarding, preconditions606.7.1.

Bridges, simulated battles897.2.11.3.

Brigade, Increase Experience, error codes11410.6.

Brigades, loss of385.1.11.

Brigades, Presence of Enemy365.

Brigades, printout335.1.1.

Brigades, Set Up error codes11410.3.

Brigades, Setting Up335.1.4.

Brigades, Transporting by Sea626.7.3.

Britain, army table1069.6.

Build Baggage Train252.9.1.

Build Baggage Train, error codes11510.11.

Build Production Sites, error codes11610.13.

Build Ships, error codes11510.10.

Building Fortresses405.3.1.

Building Production Sites202.8.1.

Burning Ships1028.2.2.

Buying Goods566.6.1.

Capacity, loading546.5.1.

Capture of Baggage Trains496.

Capturing Merchant Ships1038.2.3.

Capturing Strategic Points, simulated battles897.2.12.1.

Change Names, error codes11810.22.

Change Names646.9.

Change State Rlshps, command & conditions273.1.1.

Change State Relationships, error codes11810.23.

Coastal Defence, command and explanation526.4.2.3.

Coastal Defence, error codes11610.15.

Colonial Auxiliary Troops, Math Battle677.1.6.2.

Colonial Position, starting a646.8.1.

Colonies, Invasion486.

Colonies, Resettling Population to192.6.6.

Colonies, Spies283.2.1.

Combat points, ship1018.2.1.

Command Capability395.2.2.

Commanders, death in simulated battle867.2.9.4.

Commanders, Federation in simulated battle717.2.3.1.

Commanders, Mathematical Battle687.1.7.

Commanders, number of395.2.1.

Commanders, printout395.2.

Commanders, Rank395.2.3.

Commanders, simulated battle867.2.10.

Condition, Baggage Trains262.9.2.

Condition, ships304.5.

Conditions for a Fortress-Battle, math battle687.1.8.1.

Conditions for a Mathematical Battle667.1.1.

Conditions for a Simulated Battle707.2.1.

Conditions for sim battle Alternative Orders797.2.5.5.

Conditional Orders, distance in sim battle777.

Conditional Orders, fed detmínt in sim battle777.

Conditional Orders, strategic pts in sim battle777.

Conditional Orders, troop types in sim battle777.

Confederation of the Rhine, army table1069.2.

Conquered Areas, population of172.6.2.

Construction, ships294.3.

Consumption of Movement Points436.3.2.

Copenhagen, Strait of536.4.2.5.

Course of a Mathematical Battle677.1.4.

Course of Sea Battles1018.1.

Course of Battle, simulated battle717.2.3.

Cuirassier, Mathematical Battle677.1.6.1.

Death of Spies283.2.2.

Death of the Commander, simulated battle867.2.9.4.

Decreasing Population Density192.6.5.

Defensive Fire, simulated battle827.2.7.1.

Demolish Items, error codes11410.2.

Demolishing Barracks and Shipyards656.10.4.

Demolishing Battalions646.10.3.

Demolishing Production Sites656.10.5.

Demolishing Ships646.10.2.

Denmark, army table1069.3.

Destination Co-ordinates, orders in sim battle767.2.5.2.

Destroying Fortress Walls, sim battles887.

Destruction/Scuttling of Ships314.7.

Detachment conditions, simulated battle777.

Detachment Orders757.2.5.1.

Diplomacy, tips12411.4.

Diplomatic Mail131.5.1.

Distance Conditional Orders, sim battle777.

Drawing Simulated Battles907.2.13.

Duchy of Warsaw, army table1099.16.

ECONOMY, summary142.

Economics, tips11911.2.1.

Endword, tips12411.44.2.

Enemy Armies, overrunning496.

Enemy Brigades, Presence of365.

Enemy Ships, overrunning516.

Enemy Territory, invasion476.4.1.1.

Entrenchment digging, simulated battle717.2.3.2.

Entrenchmentís, simulated battle887.2.11.2.


ERROR CODES, listing11410.

Error Codes, Boarding11710.20.

Error Codes, Build Baggage Train11510.11.

Error Codes, Build Production Sites11610.13.

Error Codes, Build Ships11510.10.

Error Codes, Change Names11810.22.

Error Codes, Change State Relationships11810.23.

Error Codes, Coastal Defence11610.15.

Error Codes, Demolish Items11410.2.

Error Codes, Exchange Battalions11410.7.

Error Codes, Form Federations11610.14.

Error Codes, Hand Over Ships and Territory11810.21.

Error Codes, Increase Brigade Experience11410.6.

Error Codes, Increase Headcount11410.5.

Error Codes, Increase Population Density11510.12.

Error Codes, Merge Battalions11410.8.

Error Codes, Movement11610.18.

Error Codes, Repair Ships & Baggage Trains11510.9.

Error Codes, Sea Blockade11610.16.

Error Codes, Set Up Additional Battalions11410.4.

Error Codes, Set Up Brigades11410.3.

Error Codes, Trade & Loading11610.17.

Error Codes, Transfer Goods11410.1.

Error Identification, explanation656.11.

Escape and evasion, simulated battle867.2.9.5.

Europe, invasion476.

Exchange Battalions, error codes11410.7.

Exchanging Battalions365.1.8.

Exchanging Battalions, Advantages of375.1.8.1.

Experience Level, battalions355.1.7.

Experience Level, increasing battalion's365.1.7.1.

Experience, Increase Brigade, error codes11410.6.

Experience, Increasing Through Battle365.1.7.2.

Experience, Rise in mathematical battle697.1.10.

Federations, Forming, error codes11610.14.

Federations, Setting Up416.2.

Federations, Setting Up in simulated battle737.

Federations, simulated battle727.2.3.4.

First Turn/Set-Up, tips11911.2.

Fleet Manoeuvres1018.2.1.

Fleets, setting up416.2.

Food Consumption202.7.1.

Forced March446.3.3.

Foreign Goods, loading556.5.4.

Foreign Territory, peaceful movement over456.3.5.

Formation, Troops in simulated battle787.2.5.4.

Form Federations, error codes11610.14.

Fortress Walls, destroy in simulated battles887.

Fortress, conditions for a mathematical battle687.1.8.1.

Fortress, protection in a mathematical battle687.1.8.2.

Fortresses in Mathematical Battles687.1.8.

Fortresses, building405.3.1.

Fortresses, explanation405.3.

Fortresses, simulated battle877.2.11.1.

France, army table1069.5.

GAME DETAILS, summary416.


Goods Factor576.6.3.

Goods Transfer, error codes11410.1.

Goods, buying566.6.1.

Goods, code numbers142.1.

Goods, loading546.5.

Goods, loading of foreign556.5.4.

Goods, purchase by the Population586.6.5.

Goods, selling576.6.2.

Goods, weight of556.5.2.

Great Britain, army table1069.6.


Hand Over Ships and Territory, error codes11810.21.

Hand-To-Hand Combat, mathematical battle677.1.4.

Hand-to-Hand Combat, sea battles1038.2.3.

Hand-to-Hand Combat, simulated battle837.2.8.

Handing Over Ships and Territory636.8.

Headcount, increasing, error codes11410.5.

Headcount, increasing355.1.6.

Holland, army table1069.7.

Home Regions and Political Spheres152.4.

Increase Battalions Experience Level365.1.7.1.

Increase Brigade Experience, error codes11410.6.

Increase Headcount355.1.6.

Increase Headcount, error codes11410.5.

Increase Population Density172.6.4

Increase Population Density, error codes11510.12.

Inhabitants, Home Region, Foreign, Colonial172.6.1.

Inhabitants, population density table172.6.

Invading in Europe476.

Invading in the Colonies486.

Invasion of Enemy Territory476.4.1.1.

Invasion, Occupying Forces486.4.1.2.

Italy, army table1079.8.

Item Registration Numbers416.1.

Items, position during loading556.5.3.

Kingdom of Portugal, army table1079.9.

LAND BATTLES, summary667.

Land Warfare476.4.1.

Loading & Trade, error codes11610.17.

Loading Capacity546.5.1.

Loading of Foreign Goods556.5.4.

Loading of Goods546.5.

Loading, position of items556.5.3.

Long-Range Combat, effective firing range827.2.7.3.

Long-Range Combat, Mathematical battle667.1.3.

Long-Range Combat, Simulated battle817.2.7.

Loss of Baggage Trains262.9.4.

Loss of Battalions and Brigades385.1.11.

Maintenance Costs, production sites212.8.4.

Maintenance Costs, ships314.8.

Maintenance of Baggage Trains262.9.3.

Mathematical Battle667.1.

Mathematical Battle, Colonial Aux Troops677.1.6.2.

Mathematical Battle, Commanders687.1.7.

Mathematical Battle, Cnditns for Fort-Battle687.1.8.1.

Mathematical Battle, Cuirassier677.1.6.1.

Mathematical Battle, conditions for667.1.1.

Mathematical Battle, course of667.1.2.

Mathematical Battle, Fortresses687.1.8.

Mathematical Battle, Fortress Protection687.1.8.2.

Mathematical Battle, Hand-To-Hand Cbt677.1.4.

Mathematical Battle, Long-Range Combat667.1.3.

Mathematical Battle, Pioneers687.1.6.4.

Mathematical Battle, print out697.1.11.

Mathematical Battle, Religious Fanatics677.1.6.3.

Mathematical Battle, Rise in Experience697.1.10.

Mathematical Battle, Special Troops677.1.6.

Mathematical Battle, Terrain677.1.5.

Mathematical Battle, Victory697.1.9.

Merchant Ships294.1.

Merchant Ships, capturing1038.2.3.

Merge Battalions375.1.9.

Merge Battalions, error codes11410.8.

Money, Louisdore162.5.

Morale at Sea1038.3.

Morale Check Because of High Losses867.2.9.3.

Morale Check Before An Attack857.2.9.2.

Morale Check Calculation857.2.9.1.

Morale Check to Reform after Flight867.2.9.6.

Morale Victory, simulated battle897.2.12.2.

Morale, simulated battle847.2.9.

Morocco, army table1079.10.

Movement Points436.3.1.

Movement Points, consumption of436.3.2.

Movement Points, table in simulated battle797.2.6.

Movement, Attrition over Land446.3.4.1.

Movement, attrition446.3.4.

Movement, Capture of Baggage Trains496.

Movement, command and explanation426.3.

Movement, error codes11610.18.

Movement, From Map To Map456.3.6.

Movement, MPs table in simulated battle797.2.6.

Movement, Overrunning Enemy Armies496.

Movement, Processing Order466.3.7.1.

Movement, peaceful, over Foreign Territory456.3.5.

Movement, Remaining Stationary466.3.7.2.

Movement, Stopping Items486.4.1.3.

Movement, to the Colonies456.3.6.

Names, changing646.9.

Naples, army table1089.11.

Naples, Guerrillas506.4.1.5.

National Warehouses, explanation142.2.

New Spies283.2.3.

Number of Commanders395.2.1.

Occupying Forces486.4.1.2.

Offensive fire, simulated battle827.2.7.2.

Orders ,Destination Co-ords, simulated battle787.2.5.3.

Orders explanation, simulated battle737.

Orders listing, simulated battle747.2.5.

Orders, simplified, simulated battle797.2.5.6.

Ottoman Empire, army table1099.15.

Overrunning Enemy Armies496.

Overrunning Enemy Ships516.

Pay, soldiers385.1.10.

Peaceful Movement over Foreign Territory456.3.5.

Pioneers, Mathematical Battle687.1.6.4.


Plans and Strategies in Austerlitz, tips12311.3.

Player's Newsletter, explanation121.5.

Player's Newsletter, tips12411.4.1.

POLITICS, summary273.

Political Maps, explanation91.1.1.

Pontoon Bridges, simulated battles897.2.11.3.

Population Density of a co-ord, Decreasing192.6.5.

Population Density of a co-ord, Increasing182.6.4.

Population Density, Increasing, error codes11510.12.

Population Density table, inhabitants172.6.

Population Growth172.6.3.

Population Growth, Colonies:

Population Growth, Europe:

Population of Conquered Areas172.6.2.

Population, Home Region, Foreign, Colonial172.6.1.

Population, purchase of goods by586.6.5.

Portugal, army table1079.9.

Portugal, Guerrillas506.4.1.5.

Position of Items During Loading556.5.3.

Preparation in Advance, tips11911.1.

Presence of Enemy Brigades365.

Print-Out of a Mathematical Battle697.1.11.

Processing Order, movement466.3.7.1.

Production Site Maintenance Costs212.8.4.

Production Site Tables212.8.5.

Production Sites202.8.

Production Sites, Building, error codes11610.13.

Production Sites, Building202.8.1.

Production Sites, demolishing656.10.5.

Production Start, tips12011.2.1.1.

Production, calculations212.8.2.

Protection In a Fortress, mathematical battle687.1.8.2.

Prussia, army table1089.12.

Purchase of Goods by the Population586.6.5.

Quick Reference Sheet12411.4.

Raising Population Density of a co-ordinate182.6.4.

Rank, Commanders395.2.3.

Rates, Trade Cities576.6.4.

Reforming after Flight, simulated battle867.2.9.6.

Regional Maps, explanation101.1.2.

Registration Numbers416.1.

Relationships, State, table and explanation273.1.

Religious Fanatics, Mathematical Battle677.1.6.3.

Remaining Stationary466.3.7.2.

Removing Ships314.9.

Repair Ships & Baggage Trains, error codes11510.9.

Repairing Baggage Trains262.9.3.

Repairing Ships304.6.

Resettling Population to Colonies192.6.6.

Rise in Experience, mathematical battle697.1.10.

Russia, army table1099.13.

SEA BATTLES, summary1018.

Sea, attrition446.3.4.2.

Sea Battles, course of1018.1.

Sea Battles, Hand-to-Hand Combat1038.2.3.

Sea Battles, Victory1038.4.

Sea Blockade, error codes11610.16.

Sea Morale1038.3.

Selling Goods576.6.2.

Set Up Additional Battalions, error codes11410.4.

Set Up Brigades, error codes11410.3.

Set-Up/First Turn, tips11911.2.

Setting Up Additional Battalions345.1.5.

Setting Up Baggage Train252.9.1.

Setting Up Brigades335.1.4.

Setting Up Federations, simulated battle737.

Setting Up Federations and Fleets416.2.

SHIPS, summary294.

Ship Construction294.3.

Ship combat points1018.2.1.

Ships, ageing304.4.

Ships, Building, error codes11510.10.

Ships, burning1028.2.2.

Ships, capturing merchant vessels1038.2.3.

Ship's Condition:304.5.

Ships, demolishing646.10.2.

Ships, destruction/scuttling314.7.

Ships, Handing Over, error codes11810.21.

Ships, handing over636.8.

Ships, Maintenance Costs314.8.

Ships, merchant294.1.

Ships, overrunning516.

Ships, Piracy516.

Ships, removing314.9.

Ships, repair of, error codes11510.9.

Ships, repairing304.6.

Ships, stopping516.4.2.2.

Ships, Tables324.10.

Ships, war294.2.

Shipyards in War516.4.2.1.

Shipyards, demolishing656.10.4.

Shipyards, explanation152.3.2.

Simplified Orders, simulated battle797.2.5.6.

Simulated Battle, Additional Orders listing767.2.5.2.

Simulated Battle, Alternative Orders737.

Simulated Battle, Battalion Groups727.2.3.3.

Simulated Battle, Battlefield Division717.2.2.2.

Simulated Battle, Battlefield terrain707.2.2.1.

Simulated Battle, Capture of Strategic Points897.2.12.1.

Simulated Battle, Turn Sheet717.2.3.

Simulated Battle, Commander867.2.10.

Simulated Battle, Commander's Federation717.2.3.1.

Simulated Battle, Conditions for Alt Orders797.2.5.5.

Simulated Battle, Course of Battle737.2.4.

Simulated Battle, conditions for707.2.1.

Simulated Battle, Death of the Commander867.2.9.4.

Simulated Battle, Defensive Fire827.2.7.1.

Simulated Battle, Destroying Fortress Walls887.

Simulated Battle, Digging Entrenchmentís717.2.3.2.

Simulated Battle, Distance Conditions777.

Simulated Battle, Drawing907.2.13.

Simulated Battle, Entrenchmentís887.2.11.2.

Simulated Battle, Escape and Evasion867.2.9.5.

Simulated Battle, Federation conditions777.

Simulated Battle, Federation Formations787.2.5.4.

Simulated Battle, Federations727.2.3.4.

Simulated Battle, Fortresses877.2.11.1.

Simulated Battle, Hand-to-Hand Combat837.2.8.

Simulated Battle, Long-Range Combat817.2.7.

Simulated Battle, Morale847.2.9.

Simulated Battle, Movement, MPs table797.2.6.

Simulated Battle, Offensive fire827.2.7.2.

Simulated Battle, Orders, Dest Co-ords787.2.5.3.

Simulated Battle, Orders explanation737.

Simulated Battle, Orders listing747.2.5.

Simulated Battle, Pontoon Bridges897.2.11.3.

Simulated Battle, Setting Up Federations737.

Simulated Battle, Simplified Orders797.2.5.6.

Simulated Battle, Strategic Points717.2.2.4.

Simulated Battle, Strategic Points conditions777.

Simulated Battle, The Aftermath of Victory907.2.12.3.

Simulated Battle, The Battlefield707.2.2.

Simulated Battle, Time of Attack737.

Simulated Battle, Troop Types Conditions777.

Simulated Battle, Victory by Morale897.2.12.2.

Simulated Battle, Villages717.2.2.3.

Simulated Battle, Winning897.2.12.

Simulated Land Battle, summary707.2.

Soldiers' Pay385.1.10.

Spain, army table1069.4.

Spain, Guerrillas506.4.1.5.

Special Circumstances of Warfare506.4.1.6.

Special Troops, Mathematical Battle677.1.6.

Spies for the Colonies283.2.1.

Spies, death283.2.2.

Spies, explanation283.2.

Spies, new283.2.3.

Starting Production, tips12011.2.1.1.

State Relationships, change, command, cndtn273.1.1.

State Relationships, table and explanation273.1.

Stopping Items486.4.1.3.

Stopping Ships516.4.2.2.


Strait of Copenhagen536.4.2.5.

Strategic Points conditions, simulated battle777.

Strategic Points, capture, simulated battles897.2.12.1.

Strategic Points, simulated battle717.2.2.4.

Sweden, army table1099.14.

Taxes, income table162.5.1.

Terrain, mathematical battle677.1.5.

Terrain, simulated battle707.2.2.1.

Territory, Handing Over, error codes11810.21.

Territory, Handing Over636.8.


THE GAME, summary91.

Turn report, explanation111.2.

Turn Sheet, simulated battle717.2.3.

The Turn Sheet, explanation121.4.

The Confederation of the Rhine, army table1069.2.

Time of Attack, simulated battle737.

Trade & Loading, error codes11610.17.

Trade Cities556.6.

Trade City Rates576.6.4.

Trade, summary plus trade cities556.6.

Trade, tips12111.2.1.2.

Trading, how it works586.6.5.

Trading Ports & Cities, introduction121.3.

Transfer Goods, error codes11410.1.

Transporting Brigades by Sea626.7.3.

Troop Types conditions, simulated battle777.

Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, army table1099.15.

Turnsheet - Turn report, explanation111.2.

Unloading of items616.7.2.

Victory by Morale, simulated battle897.2.12.2.

Victory in Sea Battles1038.4.

Victory, mathematical battle697.1.9.

Victory, the aftermath of in simulated battles907.2.12.3.

Villages, simulated battle717.2.2.3.

War, shipyards in516.4.2.1.

Warehouses, explanation142.2.

Warfare on Land476.4.1.

Warfare, Special Circumstances of506.4.1.6.

Warfare, summary466.4.

Warfare, tips12211.2.2.


Weight of Goods556.5.2.

Wine Consumption202.7.2.

Winning Simulated Battles897.2.12.

Winter Attrition446.

Workers, Attrition of212.8.3.