How do I get ships across to the Colonies and back again?

For ships to move across to and from the Colonies they must end their movement for the turn on a jump off point. They’ll then sail across the ocean during the month to appear in the corresponding jump off point in the Colonies (or back in Europe) on the result sheet, weather beaten after their arduous trip.

There are several reasons why ships might not cross using the colonial jump off points. If they arrive on a jump off point accidently, i.e if they run out of movement points or ‘go off the edge of the map’ and are stopped at the edge on a jump off point, then they will not cross over. If they are also sitting stationary on the jump off point during the whole turn they also will not cross over. The only way ships will go across is if they end their movement legitimately on the jump off point. This also means that if they begin the turn on a jump off point then they must ‘move while remaining stationary’ i.e move ‘9.1’.

If you check the error codes for ship movement any error code 10 means the ships overshot the edge of the map and therefore didn’t cross, and any error code 14 means they ran out of movement points and again didn’t cross.

So in a nutshell, ships must end their movement for the turn on the jump-off point in order to sail across!

Hope this clarifies this point for you!